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I've tried to figure this out and done almost everything possible, this hasnt just happened on this computer but another one I tried to install this game on! >:(

Offline Agatio

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There was a bug in the patcher some time ago that its fixed now.. you have to redownload or re-extract the game if you still have it on your hard drive and it will work

Offline Dtboske91

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I've done that aswell nothing seems to help right now!

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uninstall the game then create a new folder with a diferent name from the previous one u had for EpicPW.
dont forget to create an exception on the antivirus for the whole EpicPW new folder. only then u can patch the game, after the exception is created.
make sure u have directX installed, ur graphic card is updated.

you will need to redownload the game by the way.