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Is this faction offering anything like events?
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Guild was made about a week ago and already have more than 120 players and always up to 25 online.

We are a friendly guild, helpful, funny and nice to play with.

What we offer: we can offer you an amazing space to spend your time, help, and give tips, we offer a website

(down in description), daily events, professional pk, TW, and run different instances.

At the moment we recruit every class, although at least lvl 140 and with demonic gears.

If you have any questions you can drop a mail or an pm to any  officers or the leader him self, we will try to

respond as fast as we can!

Here are our staff names;       nuggerkj - Leader
                                          DaPsychic - Director
                                          Azul - Marshal
                                          Chillstep - Marshal
                                          Swag - Marshal (my self)
                                          TiggerZ_ - Executor
                                          Himan-  Executor
                                          Stillaplaya - Executor
                                           Perses - Executor
                                          BMSlayer - Executor
                                          Mujin - Executor
                                           StarS - Executor
                                           Gregors - Executor

And this is our website link; http://darkarms.shivtr.com/

Make sure to apply if you want in :)

Well that's it hope to see you soon beside our sides :D

Marshal of DarkArms

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