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video is here

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i just showed some of my skills, how the seeker works out. and some of my mounts and my flying blade !

i promise i gonna make more video about this game, about shops. and fast making money.

so here u got it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-NqTUVbVNU&feature=youtu.be

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tell me if u cant see it

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I can see it  :smiley:
Just a little advice for ya: if on next video you also put some music it's gonna be more enjoyable  ^-^

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yes i know, i putted music now. buth i wanna choose by myself, there are coming up randoms. u know how to do it ?

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comment posted on wrong persons acct. oopsy...
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uhm... the one I watched had music... erm.. maybe tone it down a bit on that.. i don't wanna say the music sucked...but the inner troll in me says..yeah..that music sucked.. maybe something with more then the same 6 words repeated the entire time..ijs... rest of the vid was pretty ok though..   :monkey-42:

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dude, i was crying at my video cus the music was so bad. u all can say what u think. buth it was my first video. i gonna learn how to make intros and kinda shit


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nice video :)

check out mine :D


and check out my first video aswell, it had no music or intro's or anything hehe..

we learn more as we go, and take note of everyone's comments, they are always a good feedback for the next vid.
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