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sage/demon tidal need nerf?

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who else think the tidal skill for sins need a nerf? give me ur thoughts.
no QQ or flame posts please i just brought this up bc i think sins are too op with their tidal lv11 same as psys with their souls lv11.

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doesnt matter if it needs nerf's or not, we can't touch skills ;)
this threat will be only good to start flaming again with the OP subject.

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who else think the tidal skill for sins need a nerf? give me ur thoughts.
no QQ or flame posts please i just brought this up bc i think sins are too op with their tidal lv11 same as psys with their souls lv11.

I don't think it should be touched, sage version give a total of only 66% chance to evade negative statuses while the demon verion is only 50%. Any lower and it would be a pointless skill to have and would be annoying as hell when facing debuff happy bosses, also from a PvP point it gives Sins a fair chance to not get stun-locked by BMs. In the end nerfing Tidal Protection would just start a wave of complaining from Sins.

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Yea, I completely agree with Mage. Sins are already easy enough to kill as it is. There honestly is no OP'ness to sins anymore. Sins have already gotten nerfed so much. i.e. aps, accuracy, and hp. You want to see OP classes, turn your attention to wizards. Very easy for them to do 150k+ crit hits on sins. Even without a crit. that's a one hit kill. Tidal protection, whether it be sage OR demon is pretty much a sins only chance of survival against a debuffing class.
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I'm going to guess this was created by a person who doesn't know how to kill a sin, so they ask for nerf. Pointless. Its fine as is.

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Very true, but agatio can. All skill data for characters are written in hexidecimal in the database. He can replace, remove, even limit the ability to gain skills. The problem with this is, the complaints coming from it. You cant nerf aspects of a character without those who use said characters complaining. This is why i keep saying "1.4 was NEVER intended to be balanced" because it was never ment to be. They released OP classes to make people reroll to them, spending more money on refines/leveling supplies.

This is 1.4 perfect world.... killer of the 1.3 masterpiece. The majority wanted it, now we are forced to accept it x.x

so true, tho i AM pro eg and tb, i agree that pwi just got greedy, and made new classes to get more money. ESPECIALLY for psychic, that was an obvious intention to get money. I dont like the TB and EG for their power btw, i do agree they are pretty OP'ed. I like them for a few reasons. One they have great storylines, and the quests are some of the few worth reading. i wont go into all of them, but i will say this. They have classes with a fighting style that fits me. I like 2 things in combat: Hitting fast and hard, and playing defence until a chance to strike shows itself. Further more i luv damage reflection, but veno's had that b4 so i dont consider it a valid arguemnt lol. But that's why sins seekers and psys appeal to me so much. But again, i DO find it wrong that they didnt balence the classes. The three main races balenced perfectly. EG balence TB, but as a whole, EG and TB just throw off the majority of the classes. And i find it so wrong that they forced an unbalenced class on people simply to get money. That's the reason i hate PWI so much. They're just so damn greedy...  :/
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here all classes are pretty simular but if you play proper pwi, any mage vs a sin ur screwd unless u have end game gear +12 shared with as much phy def as u can because of the apps basicly rape u thats y sins are op + stealth but on the opersite side sins are squishy as hell with out Deaden nevers most sins would get 1 shoted with out end game gear

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To have a server 1.4 more balanced than this server is hard, and as said Mage Tank if sin got other nerf a lot of people will complain so we not getting anywhere. I know it's frustrating sometimes, i play whit bm because i love that class and it's hard for me to keep up sometimes but we must adapt  :P


Since nothing can be done about skills, and all we do is share our disappointment about them, let's talk about the mystic knock back skill. While all the other classes had the knocking back effect on their skills removed(pointing towards BM's, wizards, barbs etc), along with this new class a new feature was introduced in PvP, the knock back. Talking about skills being fair, wouldn't it be normal that the same effect of a skill used by 2 different classes do the same thing? You'd say now the class would be weaker without that skill, but how about replacing the knock back effect with a high success rated stun?

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I'm going to guess this was created by a person who doesn't know how to kill a sin, so they ask for nerf. Pointless. Its fine as is.

I agree. Ppls allways complained about sins ..aps...etc Well how u whant a sin to be able to stand against maq high dmg/skills if they get all time nerfed? Most ppls who complain against sins are maq claases user's seams 1shot isnt enough for some.

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There are certain aspects or moves of each class that can make it seem op to some. You should not nurf sin tidal or any move unless you're will to do the same for each and every class.
I'll give you an example of this op thing from 2 other classes
Psychics: soul of silence can be buffed on others and with black voodoo they can obtain insanely high def levels with rank gear making them harder tanks then most barbs. (I've seen a few with over 110 def levels)
Archers: channeling is fast and they can do great magical and physical damage. If built correctly with the right genie skills they can hit you with at least two decent attacks in under 2 seconds.

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I would QQ about Sage Tidal and Focused Mind too, but I realised that sins are already nerfed here as it is and theres no need to QQ about something thats broken... except the fact sins are awfully impaired.

On other servers: yes, it's op as fkk
Here: Sins = oneshot useless on people who know how to use their 120+ LP genies tbh.
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If its not broke don't fix it. Don't be like the US ARmy and just do chit just to kcuf with things. It's bad enough that PWI isn't actually international with half the world on IP address block, this server and version of the game is great, it works, and people enjoy playing. Personally I find it a lot better than PWI and more than likely will never return to it.