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What am i gonna do with gold and silver (the vote points?0

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Hi guys,

Just wondering..what are those silvers when you get it by voting every 6 hours? is that for some kind of vote item ? ( i am super newb on Perfect world so any instructions or tips would be appreciated xD)

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There's a boutique in game that you can get items from, rep, 10mil notes, pages for skill books or tomes etc, etc. with the gold and silver you get, even save up for better things to like Flyer Tickets and Rare Mounts ^_^ You'll understand it when your in the game and if I remember the hotkey for the boutique is 'O'  I hope this helps :3

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well first off lemme start by sayin welcome to perfect world, and thank you for choosing EPW  :)

when you're in game, press "o" it will open a window called Boutique, there you can purchase certain items with the point you've earned  :)
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got it xD thx guys !!! now i know what the votes are for..