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Liquid NoOneSerious   PLZ  Dont Trash Talk Other PPL Stuff. Its rude and We dont Do it to U that  i Know of Well at lest i Don't
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Trashtalkers talking trash about trashtalkers trashtalking. Ouch.

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Trashtalkers talking trash about trashtalkers trashtalking. Ouch.

ouch that hurt my head reading >.<

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Why is this spammer from DN forum here talking about DN forum members? Are you lost?
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  • You just jellified of my mad moves *boogies* \o)
?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? I'm confused to the Max O.o And did this really have to be taken to the forums?
Man you're the most awesome black person I've ever met. I wish I could be more like you. Plis teach me your ways. I too poor can't pay, but I promise to worship you.


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mord. stop trash talking, its not very nice.

and you wil find the answer to your question here...

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Mords black ? O_O
Ravensss yoo -___-t

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Locked due to ...
Well i dont even know the word... but lets say useless

All credits of the Siggy go to Lucy