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Hi im new :)

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hi guys i just finished downloading and this is the first time i play perfect world so im very clueless i didnt even played the legal game of this and this is my first time :) i wished it would be my best to choose this server and im not gonna leave this game if im happy :) but first OHIO GOSAIMASU  GOODMORNING EVERYONE

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Welcome to Epic Perfect World<3 addicting game, hah. xD

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Good morning c:
If you haven't checked this out, it's a nice directory of guides to help you start out:
If you need any help, just ask c:
My IGN is Keiju.
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If you can't get Keiju u can pm me for help too..I'm on almost all the time. IGN Peanut

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Welcome in this game.   :D

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Welcome to teh server ^^

feel free to pm me, if you require any assistance..
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Welcome to EPW! Hope you enjoy your stay and make it a long one! :)

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Welcome to epic world, hope you enjoy it here, plz fell free to pm me if you need any guidence or any genral help. Hope you stay in here is very long :)

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Welcome to Epic PW and i hope you'll enjoy ur time here ^^