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KingCobra guides to dph and aps assasin. pay attention to the veri simple steps.
Aps assasin
1-donate ur house and live in a box to get 0.15 wrist on rank 8
2-get a genie with absolute domain,holy path,and 1 lv wind shield for 5 aps.
3-get shitload of wood pills and go ***ing pk

Dph assasin

1-Buy Rank 8 and pray allah for gof daggers and crit/dex on gear
2-Pray Allah for zerk+ crits and use earth rift like retarded  (Pray require minium of 6 hours a day for max gof proc)
...IF none of that work delete epic>go play Hello Kitty :normal-1:

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 :tiger-25: :tiger-26: :tiger-26:  pretty awsome tho

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lol Indeed nice to have them^

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I don't know but I love them!! :tiger-42:

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