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383k Non crit and 522k w/ Crit on 150 BM

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 Beat that DarkStorm :)

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Beat that DarkStorm :)
first u did 2 k on him then 20k thn 300k ?  u asked him to using phy sutra ? or disgear ?  :P

DeVon Sin 150  -  Eroja Psy 150  -  Balder BM 150
FluFFy WB 150  -  Drave EP 150  -  Munin MG 150
Baldur  Seeker  150     -     Caster1  Mystic  150

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w8 should i test fire ^^ i did my hit not doing test fires and i dont wanna prove a point^^. how about try it on my bm im just gonna stand up lets see if you can hit that much?1

lemme guess

Removed armor
Physical Sutra
Enrage on him?
+ the three main debuff  wiz combo
cleric debuff =.=
and you spark pill then ulti ^^

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I'm not even going to wait for this one to get pathetic... -Lock.-