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WB/Barb suggestion

Offline firekatt

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Hello. I'm new to this server and love it so far. Been on a few other private servers but got bored very quickly. This one rocks though!!!

I do have a suggestion for beginner items that the WB/Barb starts with. Other classes like the WR, EA and such have multiple weapons to choose from, yet the WB only has the Poleaxe. I personally prefer the dual axes for my WB. Maybe give the new folks coming onto this server the choice that I didn't have??

Just a thought.

Offline Agatio

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OK i know that most of players prefer to use dual axes instead of poleaxes, because of the look, but here in EPW poleaxe is weapon designed for WBs. It has quite better attack speed and damage, it has also better range than dual axes. I didn't consider adding dual axes as a weapon choice for WBs, because dual axes are just a bit worse than poleaxe in every way.

Offline darknae

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+1 have to agree with agatio
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