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high latency?

Offline janusivan

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is there any chance i could lower this like any other server? my average ping is 800ms in here.
anyone can help out? it will be a great help. thank you.

p.s. i dont use torrent, all drivers are updated, directx updated. flash player updated.
i have no virus since i have licensed anti virus and ive recently scanned my pc for it.
and lastly my internet connection is stable, wifi is off :)

thank you in advanced!

windows 7 64 bit.
8gb ram
nvdia 8700gt


Well, I was looking over this , and it might work. I'm not exactly sure, I have no ping issues. But it's worth checking out, imo.

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Well, I was looking over this , and it might work. I'm not exactly sure, I have no ping issues. But it's worth checking out, imo.
This to be exact.
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This to be exact.
Nice link as well, I believe both would be sufficient.

Offline janusivan

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thanks ill try all of your suggestions. thank you guys!  ;)

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you can try several procedures.
~ revoot your modem; this means unplug it from the power and wait like 5min then plug back the power.
~ clear your cookies, temp files from the internet options then close and open your browser.
~ clear the cache on your dns; open cmd and type "ipconfig /flushdns" (wihtout the " " ofc).

other than this i dunno, maybe using some outside program to speed up your computer ? no idea, i never had games problems :X

Offline daveydev

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All try CC cleaner it works wonders Its easy and safe to use http://www.piriform.com/CCLEANER Just copy and paste that into your browser I can't do that click here thing :P use that ever few days it will also fix an error  too if your not sure you can read about it Ibelive there is info there on it but I use it with no problems. Enjoy!

Offline beardragon

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Instead of getting a bunch of tools that prolly won't have any effect on the connection, do a trace route to the server and you'll see where the slow spots are. Chances are that the problem is somewhere between your ISP and the server's ISP. Also make sure that your ports are forwarded correctly and that you have the least ammount of things accessing the internet.