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Beta Testers for upcoming events needed.

Offline Kaleidoscope

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As it has been mentioned before, there will be several new PvP events coming out soon.
Skylight and I need some beta testers before we make the events available to everyone.

We're going to try and get a fair representation of players so, if you are interested, please sign up.
Any post that is unrelated will be removed.

Reply to this post using the following format.


We'd like a few of our testers to take video so, if you are able to record video footage, please add that as well.

If you are chosen, Skylight or myself will contact you in game.

Offline SeemsLegit

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IGN: Grim
Level: 150
Guild: Eternal
Class: Barb
I'm unable to record video. :<
Grim - barb
SeemsLegit - bm

Offline karylle

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IGN: Karylle
Level: 150
Guild: Ascend
Class: Archer
I can't record the video. :<

Offline Apollo

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IGN: _Apollo
Level: 150
Guild: NoHomo
Class: Mystic
It is a possibility that I could record video.

Offline Keiju

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  • wik ep.
IGN; Keiju
Level; 150
Guild; Guildless
Class; Cleric

Unable to record video. Would love to help in any other way possible, though.
>Wik paper ep,
>still kills Insanity.


IGN: DerpyHooves
Level: 148
Guild: Eternal
Class: Cleric.
I can't record video, unless you want it all choppy and laggy?
IGN: VonDrakes
Level: 150
Guild: reign
Class: bm

Offline Kazureblue

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IGN: Manami
Level: 147
Guild: Sacred
Class: Demon Assassin

I cannot record video because of lag x.x otherwise I probably could

Offline ⁑Losergoddess⁑

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  • Goddess_of_Losers
  • You just jellified of my mad moves *boogies* \o)
IGN: Mordenita
Level: 150
Guild: Ascend
Class: Mystic
Man you're the most awesome black person I've ever met. I wish I could be more like you. Plis teach me your ways. I too poor can't pay, but I promise to worship you.


  • Pharmaceutical/IT Guy :p
  • May you live every day of your life.
  • Characters: Labs, Labradoodle
Level: 150
Guild: NoHomo
Class: Psychic

i can record >.>, and perhaps produce some noobish edits.

Sidenote:   i have exams on the 9th and the 12th this week, sooooo, i can't promise to participate if its before these dates >.>
#Retired #BusyWithThatDadLyf

Offline kevintran

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IGN: MasterWiz
Level: 150
Guild: NoHomo
Class: Wizard
i cant record T.T

Offline Jenny

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IGN:  SafeTeaPin
LvL: 150
Class:  Seeker
Guild:  Fatality

Can't record...major lag D:

Offline Wolfo

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  • Free Thinkers are dangerous.
  • Characters: Wolfo
  • Faction: Virtue

Can't record.


  • Hi '-'
  • Characters: ???!?!
  • Faction: Xpendable, Artifex
Level: 150
Guild: NoHomo
Class: Barb
Unable, sowwi >:

IMFLUFFY- r8 demon barb
NOISIA- r8 sage psy
ABBADON- r8 demon bm
ASMODEUS- r8 sage seeker
Ascension- r8 sage sin
Krewella- r8 sage archer
ARKASIA- r8 demon veno
Realisation-r8 sage cleric
BreakNoise-r8 demon mystic

Offline Noci

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IGN: Tynor
Level: 150
Guild: Xpendbels
Class: Cata hp barb

I can record