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Offline xdnoypidx

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In my opinion some players deserves a consolation prize in the voting event. as you can see we are trying hard to support the server by voting but because of specific reasons, some days we can't vote 3x a day or even 2x.
players who has 179 or 178 votes will be disappointed because they didn't included in the winners.

don't you think they don't deserve a consolation prize for their support in the server?

so I'm thinking that
players who has 150-179 votes will get an additional 5 gold or any amount gold
players who voted 120-149 should get 2.5 gold or half the gold you are going to give on 150-179 votes
but players who voted 119 and below should not get any prizes because they didn't tried hard enough

this is only my opinion so please don't criticize me, instead why don't you put your opinion maybe its better than mine.
I agree with this,good idea :)

Offline Hakuron

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i agreed on this idea aswell, but the prizes u are saying as reward are too less for such enfort i think :/
if 180+ is 40 gold
150-179 should be arround 25 gold or so
120-149 should be arround 10-15 or something
Is not like this persons voted 1 or 2 times in the whole month xD takes some effort and would be nice if such an effort would be properly rewarded :3

Offline RefIex

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119 votes isn't enough? Lol...
Maybe  they don't change anything , but it is a good idea, and I support.

Offline milco342

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i agree on that some people have school and jobs and we cant vote like the stay at home poeple  i think there shud be a second and third prize at least or ranges of how much gold u get at the end of the month the more you vote the more you get because with studys and school i caould only vote 160 times and i think that people that can only vote around 140-170 times a month should get a prize for trying or something
150 R8 barb tanker_
150 R8 sin Cant_see_me
150 R8 Mystic Flaba
150 R8 Seeker Seekz
150 R8 Barb Bangzas
Exacly,but i don't care it at all,I say only on behalf of others who a lot  of vote...Sorry for the errors if I did some, my English isn't great O.O

Offline Jeff_Lord

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i think they need to remove the event all together and do something different to modivate people like alil gold and a vote cart for each person that if they vote a certain amount of times on their chart they get that prize

Jeff_Lord-psy-150 Demon
Jeff___Lord-Wiz-150 Demon
JeffLord-seeker-150 Demon
Hedleshorsmn-seeker-150 Demon
Yataghan-barb-150 Demon
Nimmanic-sin-150 Sage

(Making more and have lots more just to lazy to name all of them)

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/HefdhQ5MN6k?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>