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Hello Agatio i suggest you:
1. Make a gear that make by Nirvana, Dragon EQ and Mats that not sell in Boutique(Farming alots time in games)
2. Maybe there are 2 or 3 recast and can make maybe from 1.4.6 dungeon
3. Rename R8 Recast to R9 and make R9 Recast 2 and Recast three to match with new equipment
4. Make the gear balance and very nice(you can take from 1.4.6 expansion
5. Make PV 145++
Thank you

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4. I think changed the model if there's not gear again

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no gears will be added for now. we are well served on gears.
make things balanced isnt easy as just "make stuff balanced please...", it takes time and tests and theres a lot more other stuff we work to implement.
about PV, the limit is 135 on purpose to make people move on to other leveling instances, like GV where you will eventually need to go to farm some materials needed for late game items.