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Wondering if it is possible to host TWs with roughly equal number of players as an event. This can be in different classes ranging from 10 - 15 players up to 80 (although it seems like only one faction has enough active players for this number).

This way
- it can be for fun or team building within factions
- smaller factions have a chance to try out TW
- larger factions have a chance to pit their skill against factions on other side of the map

Offline Kaleidoscope

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There will be several new events coming out soon.

Without giving much too much away, there will be an option for something similar in one of them on a smaller scale.

Offline Skylight

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I now have a way to do Custom TWS c; I will inform GM team and get it going as soon as possible.
We will have to use the same rules and mechanics we have established for our new events coming out but I just found out a brilliant way to make the Custom TWs work. (:

Offline Shekinah

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Thank you!! That sounds awesome   ;D
Look forward to those events!!

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Awesome, awesome. Thanks.

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Sound interesting  :P