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Offline Soul

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PvP event:
One that is gear related. 
Example: Lowers 120-129 geared with G15.   Mediums 130-139 geared with G16.  Med-High 140-144 geared with TT. 145-149 and then 150.  Or just make it solely based on gears as long as there isnt erally a 15+ level difference.  That way everyone can compete.

Unscramble event:
Find random words or words that are game related and mix up the letters with a scrambler and then post it in WC or red chat then whoever pm/posts what the word is first wins 1-3 EC's per victory.

Duel event:
Same rules as PvP event except for duels and with class moderation.  Wick suggested this in WC and it was a good idea.  The winners should have the skill-learning NPC's named after them and a few EC's or whatever.  Biweekly event with this sounds about right.

Offline Elly

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PvP event:
I think the idea is nice, but there really are not many players of lower levels that would spend time going to PvP events instead of leveling and farming gears and GM's would doubtfully organize those for 2 or 3 players.

Unscramble event:
Sounds good. As long as the words aren't really easy to guess.

Duel event:
Didn't really get what u mean by class moderation, but I don't really like this idea cause it's first stun -> win since no charm ticks.

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Offline Chum

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Class moderation meaning each class only fights their own class. BM vs BM, Barb vs Barb, Wiz vs Wiz, etc.

The dueling is a nice idea for some classes, like barbs, since two equal geared barbs can pretty much never kill each other in PK unless one gets a string of like 10 zerks. But at the same time, it can be pretty bad for venos, since, like Elly said, the first to stun (nova) will win generally.

Also, cleric vs cleric would never end. You'd have to limit or completely stop them from using heals.