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So, out of curiosity I clicked the "Buy Gold" button in the "O" boutique menu.  It took me to the PWI website.  Could this be either changed to the Donate site here or removed from the boutique menu please.  Just to eliminate confusion from some players that don't know the difference...it would be a shame if they tried to donate here and wound up giving PWI money...

Just a thought.
I am.
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...it would be a shame if they tried to donate here and wound up giving PWI money...

totally agreed  :)

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uhm..yeah..i actually did accidently buy gold at pwi the first time i donated because of that, and i'm sure i wasn't the first lol..so it would be fabulous if that could be fixed

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ye that would be usefull :)

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Ha-Ha... but NO! I mean how stupid you have to be to buy gold on PWI playing this server?
We need a IQ test before you're able to reg. here.

Flame ON just for amusement.
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lol I agree with it being fixed, would be pretty bad if someone were to do that. D:

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