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5 aps question

Offline xdnoypidx

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i'm just wondering if 5 aps is attainable in this server. if yes what kind of gears do we need to have to gain 5 aps(3.33 base).

i also made some experiments in this server. i wear two sets of g15 heavy holy armor(top and leggings) which gives you -.05 interval. and then i wear 3 sets of g16 heavy arena armor(boots, arms, and helmet), arm has -.1 interval, and the bonus gives another -.05 interval. i also wear a g16 claw that gives -.1 interval. Overall my aps is only 2.22, instead of 2.5 aps. I used PW calculator to confirm my claim and the results showed that my aps should be 2.5 aps. and rounding will not be applicable in this situation because rounding will only work if some1 has 2.86 aps base. My class is Blademaster

so is this a bug or something? if so, plz fix it ASAP. if not, plz explain the situation.

Thank you in advance.  :)

Offline IsFuzzy

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no u cant get 5.0 sparked you can get 4.0 with int tome 2 pieces of light armor and 2 pieces of heavy armor and the claws or fist.

Offline HCG_Wrath

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^ that and daggers for ea allows ea's to go 4.0

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