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server lagy much after update

Offline DoomRazor

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hi all
why server is lagy much after update(new host)
i reset pc and modem too and still problem.....
ping up 850ms always can'nt do anything skills work after 5 sec delay

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this is gonna be hard :/
if we make some people happy others wont be if we make others happy some others wont be happy...

we will try to find a host where it workd for everyone, but it takes times since all the hosts wanna sell and say "yea we are the best host server in the world at the moment"...

we know its ahrd and it sucks but give us some time to fix this issue :/
we are sorry for any kind of troubles or inconvenience.

Offline Agatio

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Please make sure that you have closed all the unnecessary programs that are running in the background, for example torrent client or internet browser

Offline DoomRazor

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thx for answer we will wait
and i have only epw that was running no program.

Offline Cortimi

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OHT gives me a lag of about 800-1200ms, most maps are around 500, and in most instances im ok at around 250ms.
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Offline Lan

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I still say, I have the best connection ever right now.  I can dual log and no lag.  Before the last patch, it was random and bad lag when it did come.  But, like ET said they can't please everyone and they are working on it....so, idk what else to tell you. 

I mentioned Gameboost in another similar thread (yes, i know it doesn't up your internet connection or the host speed, but it does help the Comp functionality that you are using to play the game with.)  It is a free download and worth a try at least.
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