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why is it that he got armor crush stone? any GM please solve this problem
up.. GM do your job.. its unfair for us.

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do your job.!

Telling a GM to do their job? Ask nicely and you may have results, demanding it just prolongs it. Talking to GM's like crap doesnt go well.

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there already one post about it lol GM reply to it already go read


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Yeah jeez calm down and don't spam with posts, you're not going anywhere by doing that
Ever heard of this nice thing called PATIENCE?

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easy dude  O.o!
gms r like us a human....
they r not robots that monitor forums so wait and btw u can see answer at my post.
k thx bia

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They haven't removed their daggers to their inventory. As of right now he only purged them. There isn't a direct rule so far against refusing this.

My suggestion may possibly take into effect regarding all Armor crush weapons. BMs need to lose theirs aswell if sins can't have them no class should. Complain about sin class when BM is another aps class? hmmmmm go figure anyway.

All new purges made into game stats will be lowered of old weapon purge will convert it into a entirely new id with the regular stats. Enjoy.

//locks thread

Ps. Use search box more before making a topic complaining about a topic others are also complaining about.