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Well, this suggestion is for us fatties that wish to pvp in our own style. Currently in this server, the requirements for weapons or armor is just too high for us to be both heavy, and a caster. Your probably thinking " this is imbalanced, no class should wear armor not designated for it " but i believe diversity in pvp is what makes it great. Going heavy reduces my damage by alot, which in itself, is not overpowered. If i want to be a mage, with higher defense and hp, at the cost of casting and attack, i should be able to make that choice. So my suggestion is this:

#1: Add a sacred stone that reduces the requirements of weapons by 10 or 15%.


#2: Lower the requirements of the armors or weapons, or even add another set itself that is random stats, so we can keep farming until we get requirement reduction. You can make it 2 mods that are automatically used, and one random uniquemod, being requirement reduction, along with other unique mods too.

Heavy casters are not imbalanced in anyway, so making it possible for heavy casters to play here would be quite lovely. If you disagree as to why it would imbalance pvp, i would like to hear your opinion of this.


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While designing equipment for EPW I have been following pattern from pwdatabase:
the str/dex requirements for armors and magic req. for weapons are exactly same as they were supposed to be if PWI (actually Wanmei company) decided to add in game lvl 130+ equipment.
Since I don't want to change these stat req. and random stats on armor would mess pretty much everything (3x -6ct, 3x -.1 interval and so on..) I think that adding -30% stat req. stone on weapon is good idea and won't hurt anyone.

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lmao magetank, always the deceitful gentleman :P
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