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Downloading client (MUST READ)

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ok to all the gm's admins and staff i figured out what the problom was :D.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT WITH GOOGLE CHORME it delete the files inside and thus corrputs the files :DDDD haha thats what was wrong the whole time haha but yea im in game now!!!! a big thanks to Evil touch for helping me on ts and trying to help me figure it out ^__^ haha anyway see you all ingame


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Hmmm.. I downloaded it with chrome and everything works perfectly..

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Awesome! Glad you got it working correctly :)  :)  8)
I am.
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man i knew it was something related to chrome hahaha i even told you T_T
well anyway im glad you worked it out and didnt quit :D
shows u r persistent and go to the end on things you like and enjoy ;)
happy to have u in our comunity  ;)