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Since I saw the main voting site,got kinda confused....We are on second place, and we are still getting 60 silver per vote.Sorry if it is the wrong section for that post.

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"For every voting site you will receive 60 silver."

doesnt mention any place we are :/

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Few times a day you can see system chat message in red.

It says "We launched new voting event for September."
Last month it was "We launched new voting event for August."

The keyword here is NEW. Now best voters are rewarded,
not the whole community.

The "first-or-second place on voting site" was OLD event in July.
Meanwhile was concluded that our votes may or may not be
filtered by voting sites, and even if voters put maximum effort
they still can be disappointed by ongoings beyond Aga's and GM
"Don't think about winning every battle in your life.
Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.