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wik as fck:x

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nerf sins plizD:
DaKrullz-150 sage r8 archer
Fryz-150 sage r8 sin
Breaky-150 demon r8 wizzy
Roaen-150 demon r8 psy
Fryzaru-150 sage r8 seeker

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Blueberry crossed with White Widow. Covered head to toe in crystals and hairs, and smells very strongly like a freshly baked blueberry muffin (with a hint of skunk :smiley: ). Definitely in the top 5 smokes I've ever had, a bong rip or two will have even the most seasoned toker feel like he's on Mars.

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 I hate fighting sin's when I'm not rolling one, but when i am lol its so nice.
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I am.
Lan 150 Dem/Seeker           StelioKontos 150 Dem/BM
BloodKnife 150 Sage/Sin      Ashaman 150 Sage/Wiz
Aftershocks 150 Sage/Psy   Lion_O-150 Dem/Barb
Boba_Fett 150 Dem/Archer  More to come...

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U bro, are wik<3