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EPW 2x Event has just started!

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We have launched 2x exp, sp, drop and coin event, which will last till the Monday morning! Enjoy! (=

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Monday morning? YES!
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I'm not complaining, but...why? Just because that one TW battle got messed up? I only saw one battle didn't work today, but others did.
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Well.. we didn't have such event since... over 1.5 month, so why not :P

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Well thank you Agatio, we appreciate it very much, good time to start an Alt  :)
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Yey, thx aga  :)
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Credit to jujubeez for the awesome sig:3


Thank you Agaaaa. :3

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words can not express the gratitude i feel right now!


time to make my wizzie 150!!:D


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Pk wizzy here i come!

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just at the time when im not home,and can't play  :'(
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Thanks for the event :)


Thanks for Event Aga!