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Sin Sage Ribstrike nerfed?

Offline Shekinah

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Tried to search if I missed the memo ... but a guildie and I noticed our sage ribstrike doesn't reduce the mobs hp by 10% no more ... is this intentional? Any other sage sins notice that too?

Offline LordTrav

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I checked on my sage sin and ribstrike works just fine for me.

Offline Agatio

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Skills are not editable, so even if I wanted, I wouldn't nerf it...

Offline geriatrix

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Works well on my Sage Sin too.

But 10% reduce works on Max HP, not on
current HP in the middle of fight. Never did.
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Offline Nexy

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If a boss has 500m hp, you use it, the max hp will show up as 449,999,999.

That is ALL the debuff does.

If you use it when the boss is at 400m/500m, you will get 400m/450m.

Offline Shekinah

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AHA! I realised we were in Vana when it happened and tried it again and confirmed sage ribstrike does not work for vana bosses. It does work on FC bosses though.

Offline hotflamie

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Vana is mostly immune to neg effects, EP for example only works on 1-3-6 and some 4/5
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Offline ikite

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all bosses can have their pdef/mdef reduced through debuffs.  But only 1/3/7 and some 1 out of 4/5/6 bosses(slash, lizard, and rocky) can b amped (HF, subsea, extreme poison, bloodvow, and amp).