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Dragon Claws

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I don't know why but when i see on my claws name Dragon Claws sounds kinda lame, like Demonic version is Demonic Insanity so why not making Dragon version something like: Dragon's Goddess or Dragon's Revenge and names like that  :) kinda Dragon Claws sounds boring to me, if some people would aggre to this would be really grateful. If u have any more ideas instead of Dragon Claws i would really like to see them. Thank you for your time. :D

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Wow... Euhm its just a name... Its not like its above ur head all day... I dont think aga will put time into it :) but goodluck.

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Well, demons may not have claws, not all of them,
but all dragons have impressive claws, and there
is the origin of the name.

Ok, ok, you may like the "Dragon Slicer" more?

Or "Dragon Mincer"?
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