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See there's this bug at smythii valley wherein if I cross the bridge
I consistently get back-slided and this is not t he first time it happened.
It happened yesterday, and now. So don't blame my internet connection

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It happens at alot of bridges. Its Rubberbanding. It used to happen alot during eu/aeu and still does alot. Not sure if there is an exact fix but aga can look into it.

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Still is net connection (In a way, its more a difference between your client and the server), your character is registered as 'caught' on an object by the server, but the client doesnt so you keep moving forward. If anyone else is watching you do it they will see you stand still while you see yourself running.

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Played PWI since 2009, saw lot of Rubberbanding there.

Actually it's the first thing you see in PWI. Not only at bridges,
but if you jump from cliff too. (On my day one I jumped from
Ether to the small lake below teleporter. Had to relog to stop it.)

I'm not sure Aga can do much if the original PWI has the bug inside
hardcoded part.
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There are certain rubberbanding zones of glitched map terrain that you'll want to avoid.

Some major ones being:

If you take the right path in Abaddon, at the area with the 4 puddles NEVER walk trough the centre, go around unless you wish to spend a fun while rubberbanding.

In lunar, the valley with the 2 bridges across the water right at the start (Smythii? Can't recall exact name atm.) Take the LEFT bridge, always, the area just off the right one is a huge rubberband as well.

In morai, the area in front of the Shroud order NPC's seems rather buggy.

It's best to just remember these areas and avoid them :)