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R8 reforge armours

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I was totally upset by the armour sets of the R8~
It costs more than a dragon set but the stats are damn low and almost useless~
Even the dragon set has 4 different stats but the R8 armours only have 3~

Hoping Gm will work on it so that we can have a balanced and perfect EPW~

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what are the set bonuses?

since they changed and improved the dragon set bonus, the r8 recast set bonus should be good, atleast good enough to weight up for the loss of stats
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r8 armor isn't as of yet worth it, I have requested it of ag about a week ago so it should be on its way.

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r8 armor isn't as of yet worth it, I have requested it of ag about a week ago so it should be on its way.

maybe do a medium ward/slaying lv too for r8 set option+crit+minor att lv bonus and add more def lv to dragon?
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Set bonus~
+2  add 800hp
+3  add -3% channeling
+4  add +8 atk lvl~

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Just to be clear (and correct me if I'm wrong) R8 is basically useless without the first reforge that makes it lv150 req gears. This takes the same type of mats that you use to reforge it after it is lv150.

May have posted in the wrong place, but I was looking around to get clarification on this subject..
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You have to reforge it first then recraft it for stats of choice and continue recrafting till you get a desired stat you like; even if the numbers are low on that recraft you can then always modify those numbers with honing it. Honing wont change the stats but it will change their number value.