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10 men squads in gv

Offline elijah00

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it would be really great to add 10 men squads in gv it be fast to just a suggestion XD i bet ima get trolled  hard  :P

Offline Ninja

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The exp would be terrible.

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Offline elijah00

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oh yea just thought about tht ,.....................

Offline Ancient

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for that to be worthwhile you'de have to double the amount of mobs to keep from dieing of boredom.  Delta is easy enough as it is.  let alone have 4 extra people in squad.

Offline DrakeX

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Im not sure if this is even possible to realize.
And even if it is ... no thx, keep it at 6 ppl per squad in GV

Offline Neith

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Sadly, this is impossible. At least for now.
10 men squad works only on new instances(morai map)
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GV can be cleared with less then 10 people. No need to add and you get less exp lolz
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Definitely just leave this be. Its possible to complete GV with less than the full squad of 6 with no issues.

Have even done this with just 2, myself and a friend. It'd be ridiculous to add 10 man squads.

Offline Shekinah

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Say what? So more people can afk? No thanks ... You probably need more quality and less quantity for your GV /delta squads if they aren't going so well. This includes checking your squad mate's gear as some 145s are still on 110 gear.

Offline geriatrix

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Say what? So more people can afk? No thanks ...


My Sin was in squad with 3 others, no Cleric, one member was lvl 150,
me and 2 others 148. We did GV successfully. (I had Sage BP.)

My Seeker was in squad with one more person, I had 1 toon, she had 2,
no 150's. We did 4 out of 5 waves in last stage (stunning), but then we
didn't have any more res scrolls and "Back to Battle 85+" was too slow,
Wraith Harpy died before last 2 bosses. One more member could make
that GV successful too. (That time one of toons was Cleric.)

Ten people in GV squad is way too many.
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But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.