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Warsong crystal drop

Offline natika

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After last (30) patch drop in warsong now about 8-10 crystals instead 15-20 was before. Checked few times. Can you turn back please like it was before?

Offline Ninja

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Warsong Crystal drops have been greatly increased from earlier patches.

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Offline Reval

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Sir Ninja I got a question.

How many Warsong Crystal does a Warsong boss usually drop?I killed all the bosses there earlier this day and got 20+ only of those.

Offline Agatio

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Average is 4-5, last boss drops roughly 9.

Offline geriatrix

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After patch 31 didn't try, but before that the drop was well balanced.
It was over 20 for full run without 6th boss. (Without all 5 pavilions protected.)
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Offline narmas

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Seems also that the bosses doing more crystal and less medals. Just something I noticed
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