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Wont be on until the weekend, if not the end of the month, you guys need to learn to be mature about things.

Having over 100 pms a min, then seeing pms from people saying 'im ss/filming this, so I will get agatio to fire you' are really not nice, one person can only deal with so much, and you were complaining before trying it.

The gear hit the same as dragon and was balanced through the following equation.

if ( attack level > defense level ) then:
damage taken = damage delivered * ( 1 + ( attack level - defense level ) / 100 )
if ( attack level < defense level ) then:
damage taken = damage delivered / ( 1 + ( 1.2 * ( defense level - attack level ) / 100 ) )

That equation amps every attack which def/attack levels are involved, the higher you go, the lower the nerf per level.

I will be on the forums, and hopefully when I come back you guys wont give me hell.

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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you're doing the best you can do. Enjoy your break. :3

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Honestly I have been on the fence about you at times, but the out-right mean spirited raging at you after the update was uncalled for.  I hope you do get back and ppl might learn to be mature instead of lil babies about things.  I doubt it but we can keep the hope alive.

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Enjoy your break Ninjas, Like muffeh said,your doing the best you can <3

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enjoy ur break ninja! babysitting people on this game is like a job im sure....everyone needs a break from thier job :)

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With all do respect...you guys (GMs) should not let imature childish players rule your server for you.

And even worse, punish the players who are here to actually play and enjoy the game instead of making such a mess.

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Man i understand that. Yall are offering a better verison of pwi. But it human nature for them to complain and QQ. They wonder why pwi dont care about what any of the players think. This is why they do what they want there. You cant make 1 happy without 5000 being pissed off. Dont let it get to ya. Online gaming is the biggest excuse for Adults to act like 2 year old. Crying and laying on the ground kicking and  screaming. Cuz some changes or differnt then what they want. Dont stress u do a great job and a cool person. Hurry back.

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I am very new to epic and it's sad to say that this stuff happens every where you go, If it was a perfect world these things would not happen.
 and every time i see this happen the mom in me want to come out and tell everyone to stop acting like children.
this is a game most ppl come here for fun and the GM's work for the owner and the server and for everyone of the players to try and make the best place for everyone to enjoy.
so please enjoy your break ninja hopefuly everyone grows up a little while your off

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Definitely relax throughout your break Ninja, you really do deserve it. Have lots of fun. ^w^ I'm actually really glad you're taking a break, I heard you had exams and stuff I'm glad you chose to focus more on them. Please remember there are those that will be missing you. Though, Only come back when you're ready okay?
I hope you have a good rest Ninja, you don't deserve to put up with that kind of behaviour.  I feel like doing the same as Nads, going on wc and telling people to stop behaving like children, grow up and behave.  I've seen a lot of disrespect and rudeness towards GMs lately, I think Agatio should implement a naughty step jail instance where known troublemakers can be ported to, and they can't get out for a few days  :P

Thank you to Syringe for my avatar <3

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lmfao,  kinda like a time out! every time you get off your time out chair you get another min added to your time out, it worked for my daughter when she was young, now that she is older i use the "you loose computer and cell phone privlages" for a set amount of time  lol. you act like a child you get treated like a child

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and i will admit to acting like a child once in a great while. i try hard not to tho

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My message to you was not ment for here so i sent you a PM have a great break and Remember You have my support of a friend  Bro hope to see you soon be safe 
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So, the only person who is keen to bend over for me is taking a break D:!
I will always miss you ninjas.

No homo bro

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Hi,  my first post and it's to say that I was appalled at the temper-tantrums raging on world chat. Over something so simple as adding modified R9 gear.  I have been on this serever for only 3 days and that childish display almost convinced me to go back to playing Pac-Man, I felt like I was back in kindergarten while kids cried because thier mommies went home. Geez people grow up and act liek you are almost adults.
Ninjas, I want to say how sorry i am that my (so-called) peers could be so direspectful to you. I don't know any of the GM's yet, but have known some on other games, and know what a hard job you have to TRY to please the general community.  Keep up the good work and enjoy your break, you need it after that mess.  ;D