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having problems patching

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a fried of mine is tryin to get this server goin for the first time but she keeps getting an error when she gets it about halfway patched....  it's an error i saw someone else talk about and we have tried rebooting her comp we have tried deleting and re-unzipping the files, and i think she even tried completely deleting the unzipped files and re downloading the server...  help?

Offline Agatio

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reboot PC again and verify the files

Offline DrakeX

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I had the same problem when i had to download the client again ( reason why i had to i wont tell xd)
try it with the manual patch to v22, then auto update

Offline centebyte

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I had an issue installing as well so after the fifth time i experimented and didn't overwrite the files with the patch ones and just used the cup 22 (I think) and it worked. The files i downloaded was the 8 separate parts as the whole one seemed to take way long. then is just got the 27 manual and here I am.

Offline Zark

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i have installing client and when i start it gonna uptate its stand try again

Offline luffy

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I have same problem but restart or other like download or extract again won't work. Sooo can't u doing an client where we don't need to patch?!

okeee forget all oh these its updated with cup 22 normal it seems like it xD
i will wait now an maybe we see all ingame soon :D
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yep got the same patch issue.. needed to run recovery on my laptop and now i cant update^^ hope it will get fixed soon, or you get alot more posts like this from other people who dont get ingame. have a nice day i hope i can play again soon
well.. i rebooted the pc, i verified the files and even tried it with cup 22, but it still isnt gonna work. some fix on the patch would be pretty awesome

Offline Skylight

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This should hopefully be resolved tomorrow. (No promises though)
I think Agatio's intentions are to upload a whole new client with up to date files.
And hopefully an up to date manual patch. c:
cant wait for it^^ couldnt play now for a week
well i found out now^^ not to use epic pw descent patch before you use cup 22 it works now^^ a description like that would be helpfull