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Interval question

Offline life

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Are their any neck and belt combos that give an interval bonus?

Offline Reval

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You looking for lionrex neck and belt or ashura neck and belt?If yes then,

Yes it existed here but people are just lazy to farm the mats.JS

Offline Skilverlight

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I'm pretty sure the TT set bonuses were removed though. O.o
I know someone who took the time to farm the 99 set and no bonuses.

Correct me if I'm wrong or this has changed however. :)


I'm going to guess the set bonus was removed, for balance reasons, but I'm not 100% sure.

However, even if it wasn't, I wouldn't recommend it because you simply won't have enough defense and HP to survive two hits from a magic class. Just my opinion though.

Offline CharlieDx

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It was in fact, removed.

Offline Ninja

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Changed set bonus, neck/belt removed from set bonus. I have seen people in wc complaining about having farmed it for nothing. There is a forum post on here about it somewhere.

Same with the nirvana pants, no interval bonus.

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