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Trouble updating? Haven't played for a few months?

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Hey so i used to play this game 24/7... then stuff got in the way and i left. But i am back :D and so i clicked the desktop icon and it set up the starter menu. It needed an update and did so automatically but however 1 minute into updating it fails to continue and needs restarting. I've clicked restart more times than i care to count and it wont budge! I've been on this websites "patches" and i'm downloading the newest v22 decent. Will this add to my version and put it completely up to date?

Also it's gonna take a looooong time to download this v22 decent patch :3

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Hoenstly if that doesnt work, downloading it again might be your only option, though you should wait till the expert, ag, gets on :)

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Trying restarting your computer. Worked for me and a few others that had the same problem. Don't know what to do if that doesn't work. :/