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server lag

Offline DoomRazor

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hi all :)
its about 3 days i have major lag even epic site open very slow
my client keep dcing each 30 or 40min is others have the same problem?

Offline Agatio

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Server will be rebooted today as it's up for 8 days already ;)

Offline life

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Today im pinging 1800+, unplayable. Lots of talk in WC, seems im not alone.

Offline Ninja

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Same problem, I can get it down to 1.1k on minimum settings in a low populated area.

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

Offline crimsonrose

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it sucks! I take three steps and my epic pw screen freezes......turn camera and takes like 3 minutes for the turning to take affect QQ

Offline Recoil

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 :'(well aga said he was gonna reboot.. idk when though

Offline tragedy

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He said he'd reboot july 30th, dude. At least that's when he made that reply. I don't know if he actually did it, though. I don't remember the server going down for a reboot recently.
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