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Connection feedback

Offline Agatio

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I'd like everyone with little spare time to provide some simple information about your location and connection to the server. I am considering setting up better machine, maybe also located in different place. For it I made a poll to check from where most people is connecting

Country: Poland
Internet speed: 12 Mbps
Ping visible in game: 100 ms - up to 400 ms
Average: ~300 ms

Offline Skylight

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Country: The States
Internet Speed:

Ping: 411 - 650ms (On Avg)
Ping: 2,000 - 3,000 + (Mass PK)
Ping: 10,000+ [FC big room] (Mob Count Wise)
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Offline exe626

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  • Faction: Xpendable
Country: North America
Internet speed: 20mb/s
Ping: 32-14k

the ping is higher on the world map, generally in west adc/outskirts.

Offline Shaoran

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  • Ashuashuashua
Country: Argentina (South America)
Internet Speed: 5Mb
Ping AFK: 500-700ms
Ping in mass PK: 1000-3000ms

It got worst with Morai.

Offline sexylexi

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Country: United States
Internet speed: 130 mbps
Ping visible in game: 100-1500 ms
Average: 2-300 ms

Offline Skilverlight

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  • SilverSin
Country: US
Internet Speed: 100 mbps
Ping visible in game: 256-2000+ms
Average: 256-410ms

Offline buster

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Country: Argentina
Internet speed: 3Mb
Ping: 2k - 10k ms (mass pk).
Ping average: 500 - 700 ms

Offline columbine

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Country: US
Internet speed: 30 Mbps
Ping visible in game: 250-400 ms
Average: ~325 ms
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Offline mrrolly

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Country: Australia
Internet Speed: 20 Mbps Cable
Ping 400-2500ms
average ping 600-1000 (usuallly)

worse was in EU one night, it topped out at 22000 !!!

Test Results from http://www.ozspeedtest.com/bandwidth-test/
Oz Broadband Speed Test

Test run on [*24/07/2012*] @ [*01:24 PM*])]

Data: [*9 MB*]
Test Time: [*4.48 secs*])]

[(Your line speed is [*16.86 Mbps*] (16857 kbps).
Your download speed is [*2.06 MB/s*] (2107 KB/s). )]
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Offline elllieee

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Ping- on a clear area -320
         mass pk            - 3k+

Offline lethalcoma

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USA my speeds are

my ping rate is 220 ping total  as i am playing in game..

Offline Evermore

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  • Evermore le Nub
Country: The US
Internet speed: Disgustingly slow...
Ping visible in game: 200-500ms
Average: 300
Ping during mass PK: 95,546,219.

Just kidding, ping goes up to like 8,000 during mass PK u.u

Offline xestonian

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Country: Estonia (South of Finland)
Internet speed: 100Mbs
Ping visible in game:100-600
Average: about 200-250 (depends what is working and where I am)
Mass PK: Dunno haven't been in one yet :)

Offline Feone

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Country: Netherlands
Internet speed 100 mb/s
Ping visible 70-250
average about 100
Mass PK : Never looked but never had any lag other than graphical with a boatload of people around.

Offline Ste_

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Country: England
Internet speed: 60 Mbps
Ping visible in game: 50 ms - up to 400 ms
Average: ~200 ms

Mass pk Ping: Ranges from 200-800 sometimes a peak of 1200