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What a better mage weapon for a wizard.

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Pataka,Glaive or sword

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Quote from: PWI wiki
Magic Sword:
Medium-High damage

Low-Higher damage

Medium-Higher damage

Wizards who want to rely on strong critical hits can choose between Magic Sword, Pataka and Glaive. The Pataka will have the biggest gap between low-end magic attack and high-end magic attack. The most popular choice seems to be the Magic Swords.
Whichever has the stats you like.

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You do not want the pataka. This weapon has a lower overall magic attack, more like low-medium. It was originally designed as the veno weapon since it adds quite a substancial amount of physical attack. This still doesnt make physical attacks viable on a magic class though.

For a wizard the choice is between Glaive and Sword.  Glaive adds more channeling as well as a big gap between minimum and maximum attack.

Sword adds more crit but slightly less channeling as well as a smaller gap between min and max.

I am no expert on wizards but I believe demon wizards have some added channeling buff that can put them at near 99% chan regardless of weapon. So for a demon wizard I'd go sword. Sage wizard doesn't have said channel buff but still even without the added 6% channel is quite high.

So your choice is basically between slightly slower attacks with slightly higher chance of crit and steady damage and faster attacks with a wide variance and a little less crit.