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Bugged mob in EU?

Offline mrrolly

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Thanks for coming in earlier Neith, we did find the same problem on the next run.

Posting pics so hopefully this "bug" or whatever it is can get looked at

has anyone else run into this problem in EU???

Offline Elly

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It is probably because someone attacked the boss before it should've had buff worn off. Whatever causes the buff to wear off was somehow canceled, whether it was a skill that someone interrupted or something else. Never happened to me, but mobs are really glitchy considering their buffs.

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Offline mrrolly

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Thanks Elly, its only started happening after yesterdays patch (26),
prior to that we never noticed that problem. Oh well.....technology, you just gotta love it  ???

Offline Kristis

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Happend to me in pwi sometimes you just run and reset boss and it fixes