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Offline ValKour

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need to put advanced mystical pages in gods giving so we can get the full skill sets

Offline Timira

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Skills can be bought from the boutique so i doubt that will happen.
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Offline ValKour

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ya u can get the books from there but u know how many books i have thrown on the ground cause they wont sell. only need 1 book but make 20 trying to get it. just seems easier to get the whole pack

Offline Liana

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Then just vote n buy the skill from boutique.. it rlly simple they wont add the skill packs since they added the books to shop like Timira said... honesty 1gold-2gold cubi per book is not that bad
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You can get those books from the Old Book Page or Page of Fate books as well.

Offline Kurahn

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^ plus, if you look in the skill forge first, you don't even need as many Page of Fate as the item description says..only about 2-3 (Can't remember the exact number)..I could be wrong for other classes though, that's what it said for seeker and mystic
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Last month I also asked for Advanced Mystical Pages.

Full Pack for Cleric requires 300 of them.

Much easier and faster is to vote once,
and buy that one book from Boutique.

Or vote 10 times and get 10 different books
in about 3 days, faster than 300 Pages.

I realised we don't really need AMP's.
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