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Hidden Dragon Den guide

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I noticed that many people are still pretty confused about this new instance and dont understand all whats going on inside it. So I decided to share my guide and video with all tips and tricks how to make this instance fast and without any struggle.
If you are one of people who have no idea what to do with Beetle Gasbag or what Original Light is.. This guide is for you!
My video guide is made on PWI server so rewards and difficultly is a bit different, but instance itself is pretty much same.

First thing about this instance: LAVA HURTS ! If you stand on it for longer than 1 second, you die. There is a small trick though: if you fall down from chain, use holy path straight away and keep jumping all the time until you reach some high ground or even portal. It saved my life many times.
Red portal = back to battle. White portal = outside.


- In the first layer you can see 6 totems around the outer circle, guarding each one of the 6 chains. 5 of this totems have a buff that makes aps classes hit them really low. Each class has specific dmg they deal so find your corresponding totem to do max dmg and kill it faster to save time.
GOLD totem - weak on metal dmg
ITEM totem -  weak on physical dmg
FIRE totem -  weak on fire dmg
EARTH totem - weak on earth dmg
WOOD totem - weak on wood dmg
WATER totem - weak on water dmg
- The totems will spawn some fire circles which can be tanked easily without moving (in EPW version =))
- Once the totems are down, 1 person should go up on each one of the 6 chains and wait at the digging light. Once everyone is in position, the 6 lights have to be dug AT THE SAME TIME.
- Earthquake will start, flames will go up on each chain and in this moment the leader can speak to the NPC to enter the next layer.


- In this layer there are two stages. First you have to protect the NPC in the middle from the flames that will come from 4 sides.
Fire Spirit - normal flames that will come from 4 sides around boss.
Spirit Fire - special flame that appears randomly on one of sides, drops Original Light.
Original Light - use it to dig one of 4 Fire Origins (after you dig all 4, boss will wake up)
- Second stage on this layer is when boss awakes.
- I suggest ranged classes to stay in outer circle while fighting boss, he will slow your channeling if you're closer.
- There are 3 kind of buffing balls floating around the boss:
Red light - makes you deal double damage
White light - makes you use attacks with instant channeling
Blue ball - in case boss survives long enough to say: "Burial Inferno is planning for a severe blast" its time to pop this bubble and run inside it or you will be a one shot
- After his 1 hit attack boss will reel in everyone in the sky and then suck them to the center, right before casting a killing blow. Use holy-path to run out of middle or you will be one hit as well. But this wont happen if you kill boss fast enough.
- Once it's dead, it will drop some mats for r8r and the 3rd layer will be available. Leader talks to NPC to teleport everyone to last layer.

3. Third Layer

- The mobs in the middle drop two kind of pills:
Beetle Gasbag - use it to catch gold coin floating in air, it will give you double attack buff and boss will die very fast and easy. Trick: Show mobs on your mini-map as dots and zoom it in all the way. Now you will see all coins as a dots on your mini-map, 5 in a circle with 1 in middle. Stand right under middle dot and use beetle to catch it.
Soul-cleansing Essence - its used to purify debuff you get from boss, but in EPW this debuff doesnt hurt as much so dont worry.
- Once you start the boss he will spawn a mini-boss at its feet, its elemental immune but try to kill it fast because after a while he goes into frenzy/aps mode and he can kill squishy ppl. If this add is ignored, it will buff the boss and resetting it will make the main boss to heal completely.
- The main boss will spill lava around him on three places: Left hand, Right hand, in front of him.
Each message will warn the squad where the next lava field will be placed, if it says the throat is getting hot, the lava will be spilled in front of the boss and I suggest you to move because it HURTS.
- Boss also spawns turtles once in a while, they're elemental immune (same as the mini-boss), with low hp but be wary not to ignore them, else they'll heal the boss.

Once the boss is down, you can receive your reward outside (used for r8r recasts in Cromagnon Village):
50 Dragon Blood stones
1 Dragon Jade stone
2 Perfect Elements

Video (made in PWI, but instance itself is same in EPW):

If you have any additional questions you can always PM Deli_Kitty in game and Ill gladly answer or even help out when Im not busy.
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Great guide. A lot of the things mentioned are unnecessary, considering gear and how people are on this server, but it's helpful nonetheless!

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Great guide. A lot of the things mentioned are unnecessary, considering gear and how people are on this server, but it's helpful nonetheless!

I agree, some things are for pure knowledge purpose ^_^. Once ppl learn which taboo to kill, or to use double dmg buff, it will be even easier and faster considering our gear advantage.

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Thanks for sharing with us, such a good and helpful guide ;)

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Boss is scuffed as of now, Blue bubble doesn't help anymore, 3 rd layer requires a full pt and kill it within 15 seconds otherwise unbeatable loooooool.