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With the hacking going around I was a little worried when this popped up while I was trying to vote. I clicked on the link provided on our own forum tab so it's not this false one that has been spammed in wc lately but it may be a concern. And it didn't let me vote :/

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I got that too...what's up with?

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I've gotten it too, though I've been proceeding since it's on the site. I'm a little worried now though because of the reports of hacks going around. ._.

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i have used the link on the main page. if it got messed up aga will fix it . he always does.

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Aga can't really fix our browsers recognizing xtremetop100's site as containing malware, he doesn't control that site. I've been getting the same error as well on Google Chrome.

EDIT: I just went to vote again and didn't get the malware message. So I don't know what's going on.
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guys if you notice the top 100's have ads on the sides of their pages those ads are links and not hosted directly by them if one of those ads has been reported to Google the any site that links to that ad will get the same warning pop up. on why the popup stopped 1 of 3 things likely happened........ 1) site changed servers and or ip bypassing the warning.... 2) top 100 removed the affected ad...... 3) you intentionally or accidentally clicked don't warn me about this site......

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There was an earlier thread about this. I can't be bothered to get the link since I'm on my phone but.. Ya, go there.