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Hi everyone. On behalf of all the people running Endless Universe I'd just like to say something to the people who are seemingly unable to read guides and/or follow instructions. This also applies to the trolls that are just doing it on purpose. I won't put any names but I'm sure anyone who has done Endless Universe has run into one or two of these people that fail the run over and over and over and over. Simply by not reading what others say or just plain ignoring it. To all those that do this I'd just like to say:

Here's a list of things more pleasant than running Endless Universe with you:

Getting hit in the nuts with a baseball bat.
Being stabbed in the face with a rusty knife.
Being mauled by a bear with chainsaw arms.
Banging ones head against a wall. (May also be a sideeffect of running EU with you.)
Listening to "Baby" and/or "Friday".
Using Windows Vista.
Dealing with the PWI customer service.
Getting overrun by a stampede of morbidly obese hamsters.
Sitting through a live taping of the Rosie O'Donald show.
All of the above combined while having to sing a song.

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totaly agree but u forgot

Sitting through a live taping of the Rosie O'Donald show.

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i've never ran eu -_-
i hope i dont make people bang the wall in my first run.

edit: i mean bang the head against wall* >.<
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EU is easy as ***. just listen to the other OR read guides about it

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i  know there gonna be people like that eu is easy to learn but people is so stupid these days it takes time for them to get it lol...

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We, the People, were always stupid, not just these days.
That's why we have history and present like this.

But there is another thing:

Some smart people don't understand English well.
They simply can't listen everything that others say.
They will need more time, but they will eventually learn.

"Patience, my dear Watson."

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Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

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Added your line boogy.

Oh and geriatrix, I've had one of those, he/she said OK after every line of explanation. Then after failing it for us 7 times he started speaking in spanish saying he didn't understand any english at all x.x' .
It's quite hard to teach someone like that lol.

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EU is super easy lol  ;D

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I've never done EU but this made me lol  ;D

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This is hilarious.  ;D

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I remember my first EU run. It was a total cluster %&$@ when someone failed 6 times in a row on the first part, and instead of listening to what needs to be done, they ditch leaving us 1 short to finish the run.  Ahhhhh good times

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can i get stabbed in the side of the neck with a spork  ???
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