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I'm new here so can somebody tell me fast servers info?

I mean inshort version, like: gears, lvling, events, gms etc. etc. etc.

Ty :3
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Check guide section FAQ for gear and lvling, go to epicpw.com and check a bar at the right side of news, GM & GS list is there (also showing on/off status).
.. um well.. grind coins in PV ~ phoenix valley (explained more in guide section), then max skills .. lvl to 130 grind 130 gear.. -> 140, grind 140 gear-> 145, grind nirv gear-> 150 grind endgame gear.
General tips: voting for items and skillbooks, GM made events for extra items, like ECs or warsongs or chrono pages. Do culti as fast as you can and.... well enjoy (and check FAQ, great help for starters)
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Tyvm for info :)

Do u have any class recomendations? on pwi i tested all and still can't decide the right one

My favorites was Wiz, Sin, Arch and Seeker. (dunno about em now cause havent played pw after descend patch -.-)
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Decided to go with seek... the morai skills look pretty cool :3
Who touched ma noodels? >.<