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What is the best PvP Class?

4 (14.3%)
1 (3.6%)
6 (21.4%)
3 (10.7%)
Blade Master
8 (28.6%)
Other (Comment Below~!)
6 (21.4%)

Total Members Voted: 26

Which do you think is the best?

Offline Tsukiko

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  • I really don't know. ._.
I don't really know which one is best. I guess I'm looking for damage dealer type, but your opinion is welcome~!  ;D

So... which do you think is best, hmm?

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my faves are Veno and Assassin :)
MERCER- 150 R8 Sage Psy
Vergel- 150 R8 Demon Mystic
Helller- 150 R8 Demon Wiz
Xehli- 150 R8 Demon Archer
AceVno- 150 R8 Demon Veno
Clressill- 150 Demon Assassin
Astrotic- 150 Cleric
And Counting.

Offline geriatrix

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Good damage dealers are Wiz, Archer. Squishy? Probably.

Good survivers (to have time to deal lot of damage) are BM, Barb, Seeker.
Of those 3 I think BM hits hardest.

For Sin and Psy some people say that are OP in PvP. They can also do lot of dmg,
and Sin on BP can be self-sufficient in many situations.
Plus, stealth is fun (shadow walk, shadow jump, shadow escape...). :)

I love my Seeker, I can farm fast, tank or solo lot of bosses, and also help ppl level fast.

I also love my Cleric, good for squads (except 1hit AoE by some bosses, including event ones),
and self heal does great job for many solo tasks. But slow as hell for PV, FC or Warsong.

I still don't kow what will be my next (I love Myst), but I think it will be Sin. Or maybe BM.
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"Don't think about winning every battle in your life.
Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

Offline assopener3

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WTF you rasist Idiots what about Mystics ..... ?????  ???
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Offline Feone

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In PK it depends on what you're doing I suppose.
Archer is inferior in damage to sin/barb/bm/seeker/wiz/veno/mystic/cleric/psy (DD builds on each) and more squishy than probably every single one of them. However with the purge on bows a buffed target wont have its buffs very long and because of the long range it's very hard to get out of an archers field of fire. Even though it's squishy it's  defense skills can make it hard to stun  so between these skills and a good genie it can be very hard to stop an archer from taking out a few arcanes.
Sin is great for solo fighting and pretty decent for helping out provided you have purging backup because buffs ruin your damage quite harshly. Unbuffed targets die extremely fast against sins.
 Wiz/psy/seeker are great as DD fighters, seeker a lil more towards tanking damage than the other 2 (unless psy is in white voodoo). Wiz/psy have great crowd controll abilities though.
Mystic and cleric can pack quite a punch too but are better off in support (heals/buffs/purify for cleric, crowd controll + heals on mystic). The Pure magic builds best for fighter types that like supporting every now and then (but quite squishy), HA for pure support. (heals still just fine and extremely hard to kill)
Venomancer is somewhere in between, with the purge, chidrain etc skills they are quite good as support/crowd controll. However with the right combo they can hit quite hard too. Though a DD build veno is very squishy. HA builds on these are very hard to kill and no less usefull for crowd controll/debuffing etc.
Blademaster is a pretty great DD and with HF, roar and it's buff/other stuns they are strong in just about everything. Good PVE, good damage, good support. Though they are not the best in any of these categories they certainly are the best all-round class.
Barbs deal great damage if they are strength build and are very hard to kill still, vit build even more so though the dmg isnt as great. They are great to have in pk but without some magical DD support they won't get very far.
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Offline geriatrix

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WTF you rasist Idiots what about Mystics ..... ?????  ???
I already said in my post that I love Myst.

Mystic and Cleric were the best toons for me in PWI.
And I have all there, except psy.
"Don't think about winning every battle in your life.
Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

Offline No[Ammo]

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First u need to realise u need to know how to play ur class. But the easiest in my opinion are archer and wiz once u learn how to kite.

Offline CENT

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Honestly mystic is a great all around toon if you take the time to learn it. I have played one in pwi for very long and have a 150 dragon here. You can do anything just have to learn the toon. It has a little bit of everything  ;)

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 :o wow BM winning strange never thot of them to be that hard hitting. as wizzie my most pita is sins ofc  but theres so many sins, rollin a bm wud be cool not nearly as many of them as sins.  i think they question to u is what do u want ranged  away from ur target or up close? good luck in ur choice :)