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any1 canhelp me?im why cant donwloads manual pach?

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any1pls help me .. im why cant donwloads manual pach?

and auto pach why not good?
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Well it seems to be the link is broken, neither Renie or I can do the mediafire link.
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Probably lot of people finished download, maybe Agatio's link now work better with less requests...

Or you could try to download it using another browser?


For example, Google Chrome is faster, some people find it even better looking,
but when I use IE it works slower but steady. More reliable. (I tried Chrome, and then deleted it.)

Opera was my favorite for many years, but ActiveX controls work only in IE, and I still had to
use it from time to time for some sites. Now IE is enough, I don't care for slow Anim. Gifs.

Anyway, I spend much more time in EPW client than in any browser. :)
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