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Offline Adzang

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Just want to know are we meant to be getting some sort of reward for our voting because I can't see anywhere that says we do and also can't see anything in game that we have been rewarded with. IF no reward you might want to change that because people wont vote as much.

Offline Agatio

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At the moment there's no reward for voting, you can do it only for server or your satisfaction. I was aiming to make rewards from events so people can enjoy game even more.
Making good voting script would take some time and at the moment this is not my priority.
Atm I will be concentrating on final bug-fix patch (which is almost ready) and donation system.
Maybe later I will do rewards for voting, but don't expect it really soon.

Offline disco

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just try to vote as often as possible without getting a reward yet and help the server grow bigger :-)