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Barbs with new skills op or not

8 (57.1%)
4 (28.6%)
i dont care
2 (14.3%)
kamiza the best
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 13

Voting closed: July 13, 2012, 07:07 pm

Barbs with new skills i

Offline elijah00

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do yo u guys think barbs new skills is gonna be super op or not op

Offline Runaway

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Some Barb skills sound OP indeed! Let's see after the patch though.  :-\

Offline Susi

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Mag guys still hit us down..
Susi 150lvl R8 Barb
Hoitsu 150lvl R8 Cleric
Kettu 150lvl R8 Veno
Klitoriz 150lvl R8 Psychic


Offline Nexus

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for 1v1 PVP tournaments, yes like the deaden nerves and increased attack for TW and mass PK not really since your working as a group.

Offline Feone

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I'm not quite sure how to kill a 90k hp barb with deaden nerves in a 1v1 lol, other than that every other class gets boosted too so we'll just have to see and find out :D

Offline elijah00

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well i see more yeses then nos but i got to put yes because barbs gonna get a big boost with deaden nerves and hp boost but its still a way for magic classes to kill them tho the problem is how is melee classes like bm and sins and seekers could kill a barb with 90k hp or up i hope that big hp buff only last for 30 secs lol