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...but it's time to go. I had an overly good time being a GM, but I have to present my resignation from this position due to several real life matters that I have to attend. I hope the majority enjoyed my events, my help and pressence while being on this "job". I really don't know/have much else to say. So I'll leave it here.

Thank you all, and enjoy the game. (:


P.S. I'll still play my normal toon every now and then, you can PM me anytime and you can hope I'm not PK'ing because I want to relief stress (in which case I'll be on a rampage of killing whoever crosses my path and insulting and generally bad mood :P), and sorry for not being able to finish the UFC.
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Hate to see you go bud. GL with IRL and stay in touch.

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Hope your real life matters work out for you. You were a good GM. Hope to see you take ur spot as a GM again one day. Take care buddy.
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Now who do I make out with  :(

You did a good job asator, hate to see you go, ill see you around!

Thanks Syringe for the pic & JuJuBeez for the awesome sig!

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We will mss you ;(
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aw =( hope everything goes well for you. you will be missed
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Best of luck. :>

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  • is adorable. ❤

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Good Bye Q__Q

Good luck in real life and thx for the time you spent being an awesome GM for us:), hope you can comeback sometime.
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Credit to jujubeez for the awesome sig:3

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By Elu, not gonna miss ya  :P . xD

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Wow...never knew you were a GM Elu :o
Anyways, I hope everything in real life works for the best!
Good-bye Elu, it's been fun.
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I Salute u sir i wish u the best and take care to yourself and the ones around you ;)


Elu <3 Take care, and good luck irl. ;)
You will be missed  :'(  Good luck with real life, and take care.

Thank you to Syringe for my avatar <3