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Gen. Summers daily Event

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Can we have this event removed or at least reduce to one a day, its just so annoying and it disrupts pk. If im not mistaken very few does this event also. :o *pokes aga, coffee, syri, evil, ppl, ppl ... ppl*


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LMAO.... PKr's QQing because an event for lower lvls messing up their grab ass time.... Last I looked at a PW map it is fairly huge and there are many unsed places besides exterior of West Gate u all could pile up and slap ass.... Why disprupt an event that is played several times a day to meet the needs of players in different time zones for an even smaller group of PW population that likes seeing how many times they can die in a hour.

I say compromise the situation leave the events for the noobs and PK'rs find someplace else to kill each other besides the gates of Arch....

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Won't be happening.
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